Hemet Concert Association could not survive on subscriptions alone. We have two options for generous supporters of the arts:

Donate to the Music Education Fund

The Hemet Concert Association accepts donations to help further our Music Performance Grant. For further information, contact Joan Stredler, Performance Grant Chair, 562-805-3261.

Become a Patron Subscriber

Our generous patrons have been the backbone of our organization since its founding, and they continue their essential role today. Patrons receive tickets to all concerts, (see below) and are acknowledged in all printed programs. For more information about our Patrons program please contact Nancy Austin at 951-966-2015.

  • Angel — $400 and above
  • Benefactor — $300
  • Sponsor — $200
  • Associate — $100

Meet our Current Patrons

For their extra support, we gratefully recognize our Patrons.

Jim Cheney & Wanda Freeman Diane Mitchell & Peter Odencrans
Rose Cook Charles Schoenknecht & Ward Paul
Tom & Audrey Garnella Ralph Priem
Dr. & Mrs. John Harsany Joseph Smayda
Anne Jennings Rhea & Calvin Weber
Mr. & Mrs. David Kelley Diane I. Wunsch
Bill & Elena Kern  
Sybel Alger & Ed Strelow Jack & Donna Johannes
Nancy Austin Maynard & Ruth Morvay
Mark Dunn & Donald Garwood Marv & Peggy Nottingham
Warren & Evelyn Ficke Robert Schley
Fran Franke Charlene & Walter L. Scholey
Nancy K. Hughes Gwendolyn Schlange
  Howard & Donna Sell
Gilbert Acuna Regina & Larry Mattox
Royal Austin Stefan Moses & Joyce Bal
John & Grace Bacher Ellie & Mike Norton
Fred & Bernice Chester Teddie & David Oatey
Hal and Joyce Clark Marjorie Roberts
Mr & Mrs. Glenn Crowl Stella Robertson
Jo Daugherty Brian & Janet Rubin
Hal & Linda Ellis Guy & Harriet Salts
Richard & Maureen English Donald & Doris Silva
Earl & Barbo Evans Al Smith
Betty J. Jacobus Jon & Shannah Zorn
Gayle & Stuart Lease  
Jean A Balachowski Patricia McKevitt-Ryman
William Brewer Kay Masonbrink
Jean Chase Carl & Betty Rousell
Carmen Corkett Rosemary Sears
Dr. Gordon W.Heath Bettie Smith
Willene Hughes Mary Thompson
Mae Kramer Jerry Uecker
Leroy Krauss Valerie Vallerga